Establishing A Successful Technology Business



This book is based on my personal experience. It covers all facets of starting and managing a company from finding an idea, raising money, and running, growing and selling the business. It promises to save you many sleepless nights.

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Valuable messages in every chapter

Preparing for entrepreneurship now

  • Choose a job based on learning and growth opportunity. Take on project management responsibilities and work as if you are working for yourself to gain

For Starters

  • A modest success to start is more desirable than a spectacular flop. Many of the painful mistakes startup companies make to set them up to fail can be avoided if you start a niche business that capitalizes on your expertise in an industry you know. You’ll be able to grow the business over time when you are in the game.

Raising Money

  • Raise sufficient investment capital to comfortably get to a significant miles because you would need validation to convince your investors to support your next round of financing. Taking the plunge without adequate funding to reach a significant milestone is s trap for failure.

Organizational Strategy

  • People will be most productive and enthusiastic with their work when they work in a self-actualized organization where they feel like working for their own future.


  • Set up an operational infrastructure to achieve operational excellence because every product eventually competes on price.
  • Be prepared to execute. Spend wisely because you are out of business when you run out of money!
  • Everyone in the company is to support marketing and sales to build a brand.
  • Practice systematic creativity in your R&D organization.
  • Elevate the status of people in manufacturing and maintain a strong in-house process development capability even if you outsource


  • Your company must evolve and grow to survive. Pass the baton graciously when you see growth slowing.


  • Put the business on a solid footing to create value while position an exit.


  • Find new meaning for productivity in your retirement.
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